Heart-Shaped iPod Speaker Dock

If you’re pushing things until the last minute for this Valentine’s Day here is one more heart-shaped gadget.  It’s one of the larger heart-shaped docks out there, so it’s bound to make a lasting impression.  I’d make sure that your significant other has a thing for sappy sweet gadgets before spending the money on this dock.  If pink is their favorite color though, you’ll have it made with this one.

The aluminum speaker comes with a dock connector that works with all iPods and iPhones, including the iPod Nano, Touch and iPhone 3G/3GS.  You can also use the 3.5mm audio line-in cable to hook up your iPod Shuffle, laptop or any other type of MP3 player.  It can run on four AAA batteries or a DC charger.  It stands 20.5cm by 5cm by 5cm.  You can purchase the dock with remote for £24.95 or about $39 through Amazon.

Source: Gadgenista