Broadcom unveils Bluetooth system-on-a-chip solution

Broadcom knows that people want smaller and smaller devices in their mobile products, and have decided to come up with a new Bluetooth system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution which will allow not only cellphones but other devices as well, in order to wirelessly track and monitor health and fitness indicators. Broadcom’s implementation of the Bluetooth Health Devices Profile (HDP) will further expand the Bluetooth ecosystem which will include very low power health and fitness sensors that are enabled by Bluetooth. Basically, Broadcom will be demonstrating its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology at the Mobile World Congress that will be happening in Barcelona next week.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) recently ratified the BLE specification that enables a new wave of Bluetooth applications which will hook up devices with very low power requirements, and among them include monitoring devices which rely on coin-sized batteries. BLE solutions will then enable Bluetooth technology to be utilized in more wireless and mobile products than ever before. Apart from that, the opportunity for BLE solutions could prove to be rather lucrative, building upon Bluetooth, a tried and tested technology which has already been adopted in billions of electronic devices. It also doesn’t hurt that such Bluetooth low energy solutions can be added into cellphones with ease, helping consolidate the market for low power consuming devices around Bluetooth instead of the current mess which includes proprietary technologies.

Broadcom’s latest HDP profile will allow cellphones and other devices to hook up to sensors and monitors conveniently for aggregating and displaying small amounts of data, and this allows users to track the progress of workouts as well as monitor their heart rate through their cellphone display. The firstborn of these BLE offerings will include the Broadcom InConcert BCM2049 Bluetooth combo chip. We hope to see other devices like remote controls and portable media players follow suit.

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