Hi-Fido Limited Edition Speaker

by Ally


I never thought that I could own a speaker that I felt like I could pet, but now there is something out there that’s looking a bit like a dog.  Not in the dog ugly sort of manner, but it actually has four legs and a tail.  It’s even called Hi-Fido in honor of the dog-like appearance.  All around making for a very cute speaker to have in your home.

It will be a little difficult to get your hands on though.  A total of 10 of these will be available in the US and that’s it.  Which means it’s pretty safe to say that a majority of us will never actually see one of these in person.  The speaker itself uses the acoustic properties of ceramic to diffuse hi quality sound with a bass reflex system.  It of course swears to have top of the line sound quality and considering how few of these are being created it’s probably true.  Currently they aren’t saying how much one of these will cost, but I doubt it’s cheap.

Source: Gizmodiva

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