Lace-amatic solves age old conundrum


Before zippers came along, mankind had to grapple with their arch nemesis – laces. Apart from making it extremely difficult for a hot-blooded male to relieve his consort of her extremely tight corset (which was wound with a knot that proved harder than the Gordian knot), it also proved to be rather messy when you needed it to stay in place the most. Well, the Lace-amatic could offer a dramatic solution to this age old problem, functioning as a device which acts as an instant on/off switch for walking & running shoes. With but a single wave of your finger, it is capable of tightening, knotting or undoing laced shoes – all without having to bend over. Requiring very little strength as well, it takes a minimal degree of dexterity or flexibility to operate. Seems to be available only in Canada at point of publishing though, but this is one invention which we welcome with open arms (and wounded up knots).

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2 thoughts on “Lace-amatic solves age old conundrum”

  1. I picked up a set a couple of months ago and now have them on all my shoes. They only seem to work on regular shoes,(not on boots)but once you get used to them you won’t go back. The only people I know wearing them are the friends I’ve told. This company must have no marketing to have such a great product and still be so quiet in the market place.

  2. Lace-amatics are now available in the states for $9.99 plus $3.00 shipping (no duty). I will have them on my website by the 15th, but you can email me and we’ll get them to you.


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