Cordies manage your unruly cables

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If you’ve yet to find your ideal cable management solution, this is one more option for you.  This would allow for you to keep multiple cords at an easily accessible spot.  Plus like all great solutions, this one is cheap and extremely simple.  In an area that feels heavily complicated and twisted up, it’s nice to have one thing that is straight forward and makes your life easier.

These Cordies come in several different colors.  They have anything from neon colors to neutral colors.  They all have 3 usable slots, but you can actually put more than 3 cables into it.  Just stack the cables on top of each other within the individual loop and you should be covered.  It’s not out just yet, it’ll ship out March 20th of this year, provided that everything goes smoothly.  You can pre-order one now for $12.99 through Quirky.

Source: HolyCool

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