TrickleStrip Surge Protector cuts down your energy bill


Turning off all of your gadgets while they’re not in use is always a good idea, be it because of the earth friendly benefits or just to bring your power bill down.  Either way we all know we should be powering down more often.  Well for those of you that still are having issues remembering to turn some things off this TrickleStrip will help make sure all of your devices hooked up to your computer will be shut down with it.  Instead of shutting off your computer and four other devices, you can shut down just the computer and the rest will follow automatically.

It works by having two outlets that are always on and having one of those that is a control.  Then there are three that power off when they’re not in use.  When the control is off those three outlets will go off as well.  That means that if your computer is the control then items like your monitors and printer will shut down as well.  That way you have nothing that stays in standby mode.  The strips are currently available for $44.95.

Source: GoodCleanTech