Affordable Scosche Solbat2 Solar Charger


Using a solar charger instead of plugging your gadgets into an outlet is always ideal, but solar panels can often be pricey.  This small panel is about the size of your average cellphone, plus it won’t cost you a fortune.  With this small panel you’ll be able to keep any of your USB powered devices up and running no matter where you’re at.

It has a battery capacity of 1500mA and an output of 5V.  You’ll just need to have your USB cable for the needed gadget around.  Then use that cord to plug it into the panel instead of plugging it into your computer like you usually would.  It even comes with a windshield cradle that’ll make it possible for the device to stay in a good spot to soak up some sun.  You can purchase the Scosche Solbat2 for $29.99.

Source: Crunchgear

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