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Motorola seems to have found their mojo back with the recent Droid release last year that seemed to pull the company out of the doldrums. After all, classic Motorola elements were in there including a solid build, great hardware and general all-round toughness. Well, fast forward to 2010 and you have the next Android-powered handset from Motorola known as the Motorola Devour. This smartphone will arrive in the markets from Verizon Wireless this March, and has the honor of being the first Verizon Wireless handset that comes with the MOTOBLUR content delivery service which aims to make wireless phones more personal and customizable.

To get a better idea on what Motoblur is all about, this is the first solution of its kind from Motorola that allows one to synchronize contacts from work as well as personal e-mail services, which comprises of Gmail (among others), alongside posts, messages, photos and more from popular sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. All content will be delivered automatically to the home screen via MOTOBLUR, resulting in easy-to-manage streams that you can keep track of with but a single glance. Among the other main features and specifications of the Motorola Devour would include a touch-sensitive navigation pad, a
3.1″ capacitive touch screen display, Bluetooth connectivity, pre-loaded applications including Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube, Google Search and Google Maps with Google Maps navigation. Of course, Motorola hasn’t forgotten to throw in
Android Market access that allows users to check out over 20,000 applications for their personal use.

Not only that, you have a Happenings Widget which will see status updates, wall posts and photo updates from popular social networking sites being sent straight to you in real time, letting you compose a response when necessary using the slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. Each purchase comes with an 8GB microSD memory card, where you will need to subscribe to a Nationwide Talk or Nationwide Talk & Text plan and a Data Package for smartphones if you want to best leverage the Motorola Devour. Prices start from $39.99 monthly all the way to $59.99 per month with the Nationwide Talk & Text plans.

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