Valentine’s Red Cashmere Gloves For Touchscreen Addicts

by Ally


These gloves may be shockingly red, but at least they’ll be warm and allow for you to continue the use of any touchscreen device.  Actually it’ll make life in general a whole lot easier, since some things are just more difficult to do when you have on soft gloves.  By having the ability to reveal the tip of your pointer finger and thumb you’ll have a whole lot more grip with various tasks.

For being cashmere gloves these do look pretty cheesy.  When people talk about cashmere gloves you always picture something a little more tasteful, not some bulky red and black gloves.  These come in both mens and womens sizes.  They do actually come in other colors besides the red.  There’s also blue and black, tan and brown, then finally gray and black.  You can purchase a set of these cashmere gloves for $70 through Freehands.

Source: CoolHunting

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Edwin Says: February 5, 2010 at 7:06 am

Hi Carolyn,

Basically this works with all touchscreen devices, and since there is a huge percentage of ppl out there who love the iPhone, the post was titled as such.

Nevertheless, in order to be more inclusive, we’ve changed the title to reflect a more accurate picture of what the Cashmere Gloves are capable of.

Thanks for reading Coolest Gadgets, and I hope this helps clear the air a bit! Cheers! 🙂

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