Aircruise: Hydrogen-powered floating cruise ship

aircruise-thumb-550x376-33212I always wished that I was around when blimps, balloons, and other airships were the only method of air travel. The biggest problem with this rather romantic method of air travel was that there was only so much room in the passenger area that hung underneath the inflated area.

As a result, cruising by air could never be as huge as the sea cruise business. However, this Aircruise concept could easily change that.

This diamond-shaped airship runs on hydrogen fuel cells and has a speed of 90 miles per hour. Granted, it is pretty slow compared to a jetplane, but this method of travel is ten times better than First Class.

The plan is to fill the Aircruise with bars and lounges, but I can’t help but wonder how much you can actually put on there. I believe that another part of the plan is to give the Aircruise glass floors, so this trip is definitely not for the acrophobes who don’t want to “walk on air”.

I realize that the Aircruise is one of those aircrafts that will take years, possibly even decades, to develop, but I would love to go on its maiden voyage. Let’s hope that it wouldn’t end like the Titanic’s, or it will be a cross between the White Star ship and the Hindenberg.


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