Spray your dog up the nose with the Bark Deterring Spray Collar


If you’re tired of listening to your yappy dog, this collar will fix them.  Not in that shocking way that makes them twitch for a couple of hours.  No this one is nice enough it’ll give you a laugh and your pet loving significant other won’t scowl at you for being mean to the dog.  Instead of shocking them it sprays water right up their nose.  Well it’s nicer than the other way, no one said it was entirely nice.

It uses unscented water-based solution that’s hypoallergenic as well as ozone friendly.  I’m not entirely sure why they don’t just use water, but apparently they need to use a solution instead.  Probably so you’re forced to buy their unscented spray refills for $9.95 a piece.  That means if you have a particularly thick headed yappy dog you’re probably going to be shelling out that $10 on a regular basis.  The collar works with dogs 8lbs and up and is made of nylon.  In order to keep it powered it requires a 3V battery that’ll last up to 4 weeks.  You can purchase one for $49.95 through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: Crunchgear