Fujifilm announces FinePix Z70 digital camera


finepix-z70It is that time of the year again for companies to roll out digital cameras which sport a range of happy colors to commemorate spring, and Fujifilm leads the way with their FinePix Z70 digital camera. What makes this model so special, or rather, different compared to the rest in the market? Well, the FinePix Z70 has a social networking twist that ought to get fans of Facebook all excited and happy, where we will deal with it in the extended post. To continue with its introduction, the Fujifilm FinePix Z70 will succeed where the hugely popular FinePix Z35 left off, bringing to your palm the power of 12 megapixel resolution, a Fujinon 5x optical zoom, HD image capture as well as a new YouTube/Facebook easy web upload facility.

What, YouTube and Facebook upload facility, you say? Do you mean there is a built-in wireless chipset in the Z70 that is capable of connecting to any available Wi-Fi network and upload directly without the need for any computers? Sadly not, but at least it takes a step closer to that vision (assuming you don’t pop in an Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD card, of course). You will need to hook up the FinePix Z70 to your computer via USB, where directly from the playback mode in your camera, you are able to select a photo or video to upload to FaceBook or YouTube. This means there are no longer any more lengthy, agonizing wait times compared to the early days, not to mention having to convert those images and videos beforehand.

Other features of the FinePix Z70 include a sophisticated metal body and a vertical sliding lens barrier, coming in a chassis that is a mere 17.9mm thin. You get LED illuminated keys that makes it easier to navigate in dark conditions, while capturing photos in 12-megapixels resolution is definitely a snap (no pun intended), where it can also shoot video in High Definition with the option to play it back over a HD ready television. No idea on pricing or availability as at press time.

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