Parasia Admetior Solar Window Thermometer

by Ally


I swear I’ve been on the thermometer patrol.  I’ve been casually searching for one for a while now, but just haven’t found that one that pulls me in.  My needs are basic, covering the usual basics like affordability and a battery-free design.  Well this one does just that, it’s not like the big weather stations that can predict the weather all day long.  It just keeps you posted on the current state of events and the lows and highs.  It does all of that without needing you to switch out the batteries.

It’s completely solar powered and just suctions to your window.  It could be used on any glass surface, but that would make things complicated if it weren’t a window.  The suction cups are set up to stick on the outside, then while you’re warm indoors you can check the outside temperature.  You can also see what the low was for the night before.  It’s also thankfully pretty affordable.  You can purchase one for $25.10 through Amazon.

Source: Envirogadget

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