Mu Space concept music player turns into a pillow

by Mark R

500x_mu_space7You’ve heard of Mu Space, right? It’s that social networking site that no one wants to visit anymore because they went straight to Facebook after they graduated high school.

I’m kidding, of course. According to my source, the Mu Space is a music player that transforms into a bed, but it really transforms into a pillow if you see it open. I’ve included an additional pic after the jump so you can see exactly how the user is supposed to use it.

As you can see, it resembles a bowling ball holder without the zipper when shut, but looks like a very flat and comfortable helmet/pillow when open. From there, the user just chills out with their tunes playing at their ears.

Right now, the Mu Space is merely a concept, so I don’t know how exactly the music gets downloaded onto the helmet, as I do not see any USB ports, mini-USB or otherwise.

I like the idea of comfortably listening to tunes without headphones, but I honestly can’t say that I have an occasion for this. After all, would you feel comfortable lying down in a coffee house or on a city street while you listen to your music in this fashion? Chances are, someone would probably come up to you and say that you are loitering.



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