The Locked On Proximity Sensing Shirt


A while back ago there were the incredibly sappy shirts that featured your life dropping in the form of little hearts as your loved one was further and further away.  Well now there’s a different version of the shirt that doesn’t feature bright red hearts but has the same idea.  The closer you are to your other half the more the shirt lights up to show that they’re near.  It’s a disgustingly loving way of keeping track of them at all times.

You can purchase a guy/girl set or even mix things up and buy guy/guy as well as girl/girl.  You get to choose upon check out so you don’t actually have to stick with the basic guy/girl set.  As soon as you get within a few meters of the other half of the set it’ll start to glow.  These are 100% cotton and need three AAA batteries to function.  For one of these it’ll cost you $19.99, so just double that if you want to buy a pair.

Source: Techeblog