Solar Power Charger Case works with your small gadgets


Solar chargers to carry around in addition to your gadgets are pretty common.  However, this one doesn’t give you something extra to carry.  Instead it holds onto your gadget of choice for you and keeps it protected.  All the while giving it some juice directly from the solar panel that’s attached to the front of the case.  You could use it for emergency situations only or use it on a more regular basis, either way it would come in handy.

The case is meant to work with your usual small gadgets like your camera, cellphone and MP3 player.  All of which should fit into the case provided that they’re a smaller sized device.  It comes with an AC charger, a USB connect cable and a mobile phone plug to help you plug in your phone.  You just put it in the case, plug it in and zip it up.  The cord stays concealed within the pouch.  You can purchase one for $32.99 through China Grabber.

Source:  EnviroGadget

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