MSI unveils CX420 and CR420 notebooks



MSI has made a name for itself in the world of netbooks and notebooks, and with their collection of all-in-one PCs make them a formidable PC manufacturer as well. Their latest notebook models to roll off the production line would be the CX420 and CR420, where both of them will come with the latest Intel Core i Series processors to keep up with the times while offering enough processing firepower to handle future applications with aplomb. The former will be equipped with a built-in ATi Radeon HD5470 discrete graphics card alongside 1GB DDR3 memory, while an external casing coated with MSI’s exclusive Cross-Hatch Color Film Print patterning makes it a joy to look at. Being lightweight also goes some way in making it appealing to those who want a more-than-decent performer without letting you feel as though you were toting a bag of bricks on your travels.

To provide more details on the aforementioned Cross-Hatch Color Film Print Pattern, both the lid and palm rest area of the CX420 and CR420 are coated with it, offering scratch-resistant protection while revealing an exquisite texture which exhibits a radiant gloss. Coming at a perfect 45-degree angle, the case is constructed with MSI’s “wedge” design techniques, resulting in the notebook being slimmer, lighter and more portable – anything more portable would require you to get a netbook or one of those newfangled iPads when it rolls out.

Other hardware specifications include a chiclet keyboard for an optimum typing experience, a classic seamless touch-pad, the latest Intel Arrandale platform, lower power consumption compared to its previous generation (with 15% extended battery life), Hyper-Threading technology configuration and an integrated graphics core. The 16:9 Theater-Class LED-Backlit Screen makes it suitable for watching movies on the go, battery-permitting. No idea on pricing, but hopefully they fall within a similar range for devices of its class, and of course cheaper is better – nobody would complain, right?

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