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skoutThe Apple iPad’s initial buzz has come and gone, and with the dust settling, it seems that many parties are not looking at it with nods of approval. After all, there are many gripes and issues that potential users would run into, and the fact that Apple seems to be trying to create a new niche market with it could prove to be a much more difficult sell compared to the iPhone when it first hit the scene in June 2007. Well, killer apps are what devices are all about these days, as having fantastic hardware alone is not good enough anymore. What are some of the more practical uses that you can think of with the iPad? Some folks are already quick off the blocks, with Skout ready to hit the market the moment the iPad rolls out in 56 days’ time. The Skout, you ask? What’s that for? Well, proceed to the extended post for the answers, ladies and gentlemen.

Basically, Skout is a community dating application that makes it “even easier for singles to discover others with similar interests, using location information and the iPad’s rich interface.” After all, Skout.com is currently the leading mobile, real-time, dating site which enables you to flirt with singles in your immediate vicinity regardless of your position, letting you meet up with others (hopefully they aren’t some deranged person who suffers from multiple personalities and aims to make literal mincemeat out of you after the first date just like in those horror movies) at both your time and convenience. Guess this is what Steve Jobs meant when he dubbed the iPad a more “intimate” device, heh heh.

Skout for the iPad is equipped with a HotMap that displays a live overview of where you can find the most singles in your area – sounds like a dangerous tool to have if you’re bent in criminal intent! For those who want to end their lonely Saturday nights, Skout allows you to chat, share photos and even videos with one another, although bear in mind Skout won’t take responsibility if you settle down happily ever after with the lady of your dreams whom you met over Skout!

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Bablo Noor Says: February 1, 2010 at 4:18 am

Ipad, good idea though many companies have had the same idea in the pipeline, just not implemented yet…

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