Razer Vespula gaming grade mouse mat makes its mark



When you mention the name Razer, most of the time a sort of serpentine-like name associated with one of their mean looking mice would pop up in our heads. Well, this time round the company takes a slightly different route albeit still maintaining its focus on the gaming scene by introducing the Razer Vespula gaming grade mouse mat. What makes the Vespula so different from the rest? After all, aren’t today’s mice more than adequately equipped to be able to handle just about any surface (save for glass) when it comes to tracking your movement in order to deliver that precise kill? Apparently not, and nothing quite beats the presence of a gaming grade mouse mat to make sure that you have no more excuses left concerning hardware and the gaming environment if you fail to perform that particular day.

The Razer Vespula is a lightweight, gaming grade mouse mat which boasts a dual-sided design. This is something special since the dual-sided design will be able to open up a new window of gaming style, where you can choose from Speed Surface for faster mouse movements or a Control Surface that picks up even the most precise of mouse movements. Are you a constant face at extended gaming sessions? The Razer Vespula could prove to be your trusted ally then, boasting a gel-filled memory conformance wrist rest that is perfect for top performance without suffering from the side effects of fatigue and strain, while it shares the same sturdiness and souped up durability of its predecessor – the Razer Exact Mat.

According to Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president, Razer USA, “The Razer Vespula was designed with gamers in mind that need a single solution for every game they play. Different genres call for different gameplays. The advanced technology in the improved dual-sided mouse mat gives gamers the choice of a smooth Speed Surface or a textured Control Surface, which delivers just that flexibility. The Control Surface is great for gamers that use small, precise movements, while the Speed Surface is an ideal match for gamers that prefer large, sweeping motions.”

Expect the Razer Vespula to retail for either $34.99 or €34.99, depending on which continent you’re gaming on.

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