Hands on with the Pogoplug

by Mark R

sideimage_plug_1.0The last time we reported on the Pogoplug, it was when it made its initial first appearance at CES 2009. I’m guessing that it probably had some appearance at CES 2010, and if you compare the pictures from our previous posting, you can see that the Pogoplog has evolved, appearance-wise.

In case you don’t know, the Pogoplug is a device that allows its users to share content from a hard drive all across the Internet. Like the slogan says, it is “your personal cloud”.

The company was generous enough to supply me one to review. When I opened the box, I could not find any written instructions that tell me what to plug into what. There was a little paper that told me what site to go to, and this is where I learned to set up the hardware.

Set up was as easy as plugging the Pogoplug into the wall, and then plugging in into my router. The unit had four USB ports to plug in any hard drive. I decided to try using a simple thumb drive.

The set up didn’t take very long, and in no time at all, I was told I could go to the my.pogoplug.com site, use my password, and I would have access to that thumb drive. I thought it was too easy, so I went to use my wife’s computer in the other room, and viola, and I was able, with just the Internet alone, to access everything on that aforementioned thumb drive.

In short, the Pogoplug is a pretty amazing device, and only costs about $129 with no monthly subscription or set up fees. You can get one off the Pogoplug site.

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