Clear Classic USB Joystick gives that retro feel


Classic games just aren’t the same if you play them using a keyboard.  You just can’t get the same feel.  Well with this controller you could get more of that retro feel while still using your updated technology.  I’ve also heard that the retro games don’t look as good on our pretty flat screen monitors, but I’m afraid this controller won’t help with that part. Bottom line is, you’ll have to make a small compromise.

The nice thing with this is that you could enjoy using this controller even with new games.  With its clear look and blue LED light, it feels classic, but looks new.  The controller also comes with a few games for you to enjoy such as Pacman 4K, Seawolf, Invaders Plus and others.  In full it includes over 80 different games.  If that’s not enough for you the seller also have some suggestions as to where you can find more.  It comes with a 5 foot long USB cable.  You can purchase the joystick for $29.95 through Reflex Audio.

Source: RetroThing

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