Vuzix 920AR augmented reality glasses

vuzixglassesjpgSome of you might remember yesterday’s post, which showed a short film with some advanced (maybe even too advanced) augmented reality. However, at no point in the short film did we see what sort of interface the main character was wearing.

Well, if he wanted his augmented reality today, he could have probably used the Vuzix Wrap 920AR glasses. We have covered Vuzix’s products before, and their present models simply have LCDs at the eyes as well as headphones on the frames, so a user can watch their video on the road as a very private experience.

The last time we cover Vuzix and augmented reality, it was at GDC 2009. Well, they were up to some new tricks at CES 2010. Hit the jump if you want to see a video of it.

The Wrap 920AR has a camera that can capture video a 752 x 480 resolution at 60fps, and combine it with a 1504 x 480 stereoscopic 3D image. You can see on the video some guy playing some sort of game with the goggles.

You will notice the man playing the game is doing nothing but looking at a bunch of strange symbols. These are the augmented reality codes that we have seen before on other entertaining applications, and the Wrap 920AR has many uses, but we already covered that with the short film. It should be out in March, but my source doesn’t have a price.