The Solar Powered Bottle Boat Kit

by Ally


Although you probably couldn’t pay me to go near water as cold as it is outside, eventually it will warm up again.  At least I’m pretty sure it will.  Once that happens you might want to pick up one of these Solar Bottle Boat Kits to give you something to do while you’re near some water in the middle of the summer.  It’ll give you something to play with, plus the joy of knowing that you built it yourself.

The boat uses a solar panel on the top to keep itself powered.  Don’t worry all of the technology that goes into the kit is completely waterproof.  It’s all made with water usage in mind.  All you need to get that’s outside of the kit is a plastic soda bottle.  There are a total of 3 different boat designs for you to choose from.  The kit comes with a solar panel, wires, motor, propellers, tape, shafts and other various odds and ends.  You can purchase the kit for $24.95 from the Solar Sphere.

Source: EnviroGadget

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