Jenn-Air oven has touchscreen LCD display

JJW3830WP_lg_270x454It isn’t very often that I cover ovens on Coolest Gadgets, but it isn’t every oven that has a 7-inch full-color touchscreen LCD.

This 30 inch Double Wall Oven with V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System by Jenn-Air has an incorporated cooking guide to help those cooking.

This Culinary Center allows the user to select options for adjusting the cooking cycle, and delivers a desired end-result. For example, it has a picture of what medium rare looks like, for the culinary deficient. It can also tell cooks where to stick the a meat thermometer.

When the oven is not cooking, the user can adjust the screens so they are showing something like a floral pattern, or an analog or digital clock.

The touchscreen makes it easy for the iGeneration to cook as the user can adjust temperature by just sliding their finger across the screen. No more of those old school dials or switches. In fact, I can see all ovens of the future adopting Jenn-Air’s model, making switches and buttons a thing of the past.

I don’t see a price of this oven on the Jenn-Air website, but I’m guessing it is slightly out of my range. In all honesty, I don’t even need two ovens. Clearly these Jenn-Air ovens are there for both Julie and Julia.