Chargepod gets an upgrade

by Ally


This isn’t the first Chargepod to be released.  The last one covered 6 cellphones at a time, and it’s around $40 a gadget.  Now this new Chargepod will charge even bigger gadgets and at an even larger price.  Sure it’ll make it possible to carry less chargers when you’re traveling, which is ideal with a big family of gadget lovers.  However, it’s a convenience that’ll cost you.

This one will give your cellphone, laptop, camera and other devices the power that they crave.  All of those devices plug into the Chargepod and the Chargepod itself only takes up one of your outlets.  You’ll need different cable tips to accommodate your different devices and each one will probably cost you about $10 a piece.  Then for the device itself it’ll cost you about $200.  It’s not exactly a bargain, but if you’re in desperate need of something like this then at least your gadgets will stay up and running after you fork out the cash.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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