Wireblooms manage cables while sitting pretty

by Ally


Cords are a common nuisance within everyday lives.  Sure, they’re unattractive, and often get tangled up in ways we never imagined possible.  However, they give us all of those modern conveniences we know and love, so it’s an evil that we deal with.  We usually attempt to hide them away to make it easier to ignore their existence.  Instead of doing that you could feature them with these Wireblooms.

The Wireblooms don’t just dangle from the cord or wrap around them.  Instead they have a spot to hold the cord and then can be screwed into the wall.  Therefore these are not only pretty, but they’re useful as far as cable management goes.  When you purchase one of these kits you’ll receive a pretty little bird and three green leaves.  Unfortunately, there is no pricing information.  You’ll have to contact Monkey Business if you’d like further details on purchasing the item.

Source: ForeverGeek

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lala Says: February 16, 2010 at 12:59 am

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