Tomy Ene Pocket RC runs on juice and soda

by Mark R

eneThe biggest problem with RC toys is that they run on batteries, and those batteries have to be replaced or charged every once in a while. Sure, there are longer-lasting batteries, but what if an RC car used something else?

I’m talking about the same thing that keeps kids and adults going, like juice and soda. Inside the Tomy Ene pocket RC car is a “bio-battery” that can generate energy from the sugars in the aforementioned drinks. This battery, developed by Sony, has a cell that can output 50 mW worth of power, but I’m not certain how much run time that is.

In other words, how many miles does it get to the gallon? My source doesn’t have an accurate fuel consumption number for this, but it does say that the Tomy Ene pocket RC runs better on Coke products and grape juice.

Of course, you have to ask yourself whether it would be cheaper and simpler to use a traditional or recharging battery in the Tony Ene rather than juice. I mean, do you really want to pay more on your grocery bill because your child just has to keep his RC car running? And if it’s grape juice, that stuff can really stain. Do you really want your son or daughter to be pouring it into a toy car? Eventually, it is going to spill.

Just some questions that I thought I would bring up. Hopefully the designers will have some answers to them, as this juice-for-juice RC car is still in the development stage.


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