Eureka Enviro Steamer chemical-free sanitizes floors

by Ally


I’ve never made the switch to steamers, but I’ve heard several people swear by them.  For those of you that do like the idea of switching to a steamer, this one will clean your hard surface floors and is even capable of sanitizing the countertops (the handle is removable).  All of that is without using a single chemical, which is a major benefit to anyone that’s trying to minimize the chemicals used in the their home.

The square shape is meant to reach all of those tight corners.  Unfortunately it is a corded design, which is something that most people aren’t used to dealing with when they’re cleaning those hard surfaces.  It’s no worse than using a vacuum cleaner though.  It comes with two of the magic clothes and has an easy release for when you need to change them out.  You can purchase the steamer for $69.99.

Source: GadgetGrid

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Steam magic Says: October 15, 2010 at 12:16 am

As far as I know it’s american device. I write about such devices in russia, it will be interesting for me to test it for my readers. Thanks for information.

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