Motz Wooden FM Radio

by Ally


For some unknown reason we all tend to get overly excited when normal everyday devices are made tiny.  I have no idea why, but they’re just cooler when they’re miniature.  This wooden FM radio even has an itty bitty antenna attached to it to pick up your favorite stations.  Not only does it happen to be small, it also fulfills that need to own gadgets that are made out of wood.

It can be used alone as an FM radio or you can hook it up to an iPod and use it as a portable speaker.  This 1.45” wide by 1” high by 0.75” radio can be charged fully by hooking it up to your USB port.  If just one of these isn’t enough you can pick up a stereo-to-mono splitter cable and use two.  Currently these are retailing through the Korean Early Shop.  They’ll cost you 39,800 won or about $34.

Source: Technabob

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