Love Heart Sky Lanterns

love-heart-sky-lanternForget about wishing upon a star – why not do it with a lantern, specifically the Love Heart Sky Lantern from Firebox? After all, this gives you a higher degree of control when it comes to making a wish, as you can always pen down your own personal messages with a marker, and do not have to rely on the weather forecast to make sure that the lantern can be spotted within a certain time frame.

These enchanting paper blimps are guaranteed to become the talking point of any romantic evening because they climb gently into the night sky like mini hot air balloons. Simply light the special wax fuel cell, wait for a flame to form, make a wish and watch in wonder as your biodegradable lantern gradually ascends to the heavens, glowing as it rises. You can even personalise your lantern with wishes, thoughts or messages of love using a marker pen. Each flame-retardant Flying Heart Sky Lantern can glow for as long as 20 minutes, travelling for miles and rising up to 1500 metres. For a truly passionate effect, why not light a pair of Flying Heart Sky Lanterns simultaneously? With two lanterns per box it’s easy and the effect is so breathtaking.

After all, Valentine’s Day will come upon you sooner than you think, so you might as well fork out £9.99 for a 2-pack of Love Heart Sky Lanterns before realizing too late that it is already February 15th and the reason behind your spouse’s silent treatment.

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