LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle


water-bottle-lightWho would have thought that something as ordinary as a drinking bottle could also harness the power of the sun with a strategically placed solar panel, where this converted energy can then be used to power its built-in lantern? The LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle does exactly just that, retailing for a mere $29.99 while featuring a quartet of extremely bright white LEDs without weighing you down with its 10.5 oz weight for both bottle and cap. The translucent cap is deemed to be unbreakable, although we’re pretty sure that falls within reasonable boundaries and does not include having a huge slab of concrete dropped over it from a few meters above. Looks like a decent tool to bring camping, and at least you can see whether any creepy-crawlies have made it to the inside of your drink at night before taking a few sips.

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Eric Says: January 24, 2010 at 6:29 pm

If only they would replace the White LEDS with an adequate UV light source like they use in many water purification systems, perhaps combine it with a carbon filter,,,

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