Solar Powered Bird Repeller


solar-bird-repellerHaving birds in the garden might be something folks want as their general chirpiness is perfect to perk up your day, but it comes with a downside – they tend to poop all over the place, and their number one target would be your newly washed car. Instead of getting a cat, why not settle for the Solar Powered Bird Repeller?

Keep unwanted birds off your patio, pool area, A/C unit, boat or car cover. Rotating, telescoping arms extend up 2 1/2 ft. each, and sweep continuously in a maximum 5-ft. diam. Attach the included streamers for even greater deterrence. Nearly silent operation. Weather-proof plastic. Can also be mounted.

It might be $89.99 more expensive than a regular DIY scarecrow, but we’re pretty sure it works somewhat until the birds catch on that this ain’t no cat.

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