iHeart Dock is so sweet it just might conjure up some iPuke

by Ally


It’s just before February and grocery stores are stocking up on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  Well for those of you that enjoy your heart-shaped gadgets instead of chocolates, here’s one more.  Despite that on the outside this looks like nothing more than a sweetly made jewelry box, it’s actually an iPod dock to play your music out loud with.

The Jewelry Box Speaker may not have space for any jewelry, but it’ll make sure to keep your favorite tunes cranked.  It actually comes from a Japanese company, Marubeni Infotec.  The dock will work with 4th gen iPods, as well as the iPod Mini, Nano, Classic, Touch and the iPhone 3G/3GS.  The speakers are 2W by 2ch.  It has heart-shaped buttons to keep control of your iPod and even a mirror on the top to check your makeup with.  It will be released at the end of next month within Japan for $110.

Source: Crunchgear

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