Gameboy gets a steampunk makeover

by Ally


If you were ever considering attempting to steampunk something, this would be a great one to start on.  As far as steampunking goes this one is actually affordable and a bit more simple than it initially appears.  Some mods go above and beyond anything the average person could ever pull off, but this one might not be so bad to attempt on an old Gameboy that’s still alive and kicking.

The total project took the creator only the better part of a week to pull off.  Of course they don’t say how many hours they put into this on a daily basis, so it might end up taking you a little more than a week if you can’t dedicate a lot of daily time.  Despite all of the fancy gears it still uses all of the normal buttons, they just happen to be spray painted as well as the rest of the body.  Then extra gears were added in to give it that steampunk look.  They also threw in a complete pro-sound audio mod as well as putting in an orange LED light.  For those of you not up to the last two portions of the mod, you could just stick to making your Gameboy look pretty.

Source: Newlaunches

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