Electronic Putting Trainer

electronic-putting-trainerGolf is a game where you often fight against yourself first before checking out your score with others. After all, there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting all those shots in with one nice, clean whack each time, but there are off days for some of us where nothing seems to go wrong even after following hundreds of dollars’ worth of advice from books and DVDs. Well, just like many other things in life, practice makes perfect, so why not make sure your putting is in tip top condition with the Electronic Putting Trainer?

This is the putting trainer that helps you improve your ball striking, club path, and putt alignment. The system’s infrared sensors detect both the speed and direction of each putt, providing precise, instant feedback by showing exactly where the midpoint of the ball has struck the bar in relation to its “virtual hole.” A series of putts are displayed on the bar as separate illuminated tick marks. The flexible bar automatically bounces the ball back to you. The sensitive trigger bar can be set to any green speed and distances between four and 32′. The trainer challenges you with six games; you can play a game of “500” which requires you to place a series of five puts as close as possible to the hole. Putts are graded on a scale of 0-100. Can be played on any surface. Includes two C batteries.

We would recommend getting a pair of Sanyo Eneloop batteries with a C size case to go along with this $329.95 device. Great present if you want to suck up to your boss, assuming his putting isn’t up to par.

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