Snow Chopper made from spare parts

by Mark R

snowmobile_chopper_610x405I love seeing DIY gadgets like these. Every time I see one, such as the Star Trek phaser, I can’t help but think: “how does one get the time to build these things?”

I mean, I can barely keep up with my writing deadlines. Therefore, I will give my full congratulations to Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser for using their weeknights and Sundays to build the snow chopper that you see in the photo.

Sawicki and Weisser are stationed in Antarctica, at the McMurdo Station research center. Sawicki and Weisser were responsible for maintaining snowmobiles at the station, and they decided to use the spare parts for the chopper.

In all honesty, if I were stationed in the coldest place on Earth, I would probably do some sort of side project, just so I wouldn’t be driven crazy. Yet the reason why they built it was the McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery (MAAG), an “annual show highlighting the creative and artistic talents of the community”.

In case you are curious, the snow chopper can do 60 miles per hour in the shop, and 6 miles an hour on the snow. Of course, he was joking when he said this, so I don’t have the actual speed. They have taken it out for a spin a few times, though.


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desktoparchitecture Says: January 22, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Now this just must be the future of snowmobiling is all about. For the Harley bicker it might seem a sin to destroy a great Harley Chopper, but with a bit more thinking it gives the Harley enthusiast a winter season to continue to enjoy the thrill of the ride. If the person who created it hasn’t already sold the idea to the Harley Davidson Company he better do so soon. As soon as they see it they are going to start designing their own prototype of a Harley Snowmobile

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