Mandometer scolds you to eat slower

by Ally


I tend to catch a whole lot of teasing for the snail-like pace at which I tend to eat.  I don’t exactly do it to eat healthier either, I just have always eaten slowly.  However, I’m liking that there is a gadget that is meant to help people slow down their eating habits.  Mostly so I have a decent comeback.  In part though because I know eating habits can seem close to impossible to change.  With this gadget to yell at you to slow down, hopefully you can get yourself to a controlled pace.

The Mandometer was created in an outpatient treatment center for eating disorders in San Diego California.  I suppose if anyone knows how to break eating habits, it’s them.  Underneath of your plate is a scale that keeps track of those sudden drops in weight.  Within 18 months the Mandometer claims to lower your BMI by 2 percent.  Plus it’s meant to help you with long term changes instead of working like a crash diet.

Source: OhGizmo

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