Bike SpokeLit


bike-spokelitIf you happen to stay in one of the more bicycle-friendly cities around the globe, why not make the most of the situation by equipping your two-wheeler with the Bike Spokelit? After all, it will go a long way in increasing your visibility to other road users, helping you get to your destination safe and sound.

All you have to do is clip the SpokeLit to your spokes (well where else are you going to put a SpokeLit?), click it on and get pedalling. You then have the choice of a constant or a rapidly flashing coloured light. We kind of prefer the constant light on a purely aesthetic level – cycling at the right speed produces that lovely ring of light effect. Of course, it’s more about staying visible on the roads than looking like an extra from Blade Runner, but there’s no harm in looking cool.

Installation is a snap at just a few seconds, while the £7.99 is certainly worth much more than any hospital bill you have to fork out in the event of a mishap.

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