POSTCN01 Notifies You Of The Arrival Of Your Snail Mail

by Ally


It’s rare that anyone gets all that excited about snail mail finally arriving.  As adults you slowly come to accept that it’s either junk mail or bills.  However, when you’re dying to receive something special, then you might be impatiently waiting for your mail to arrive.  If your mailbox isn’t directly in front of your house, this will keep you from having to constantly check the mail.  Every single time the door of your mailbox opens you’ll receive an alert within your home.

The counter has an antenna that is placed on top of the mailbox.  Then it transmits to the small receiver with an LCD display that can stay within your home.  It doesn’t let you know how much mail you’ve received, but at least you’ll know exactly when the mail has arrived.  You can purchase the set for $55, which does seem like a bit much when eventually you won’t need it after you figure out what time the mail carrier usually swings by.  Usually it happens around the same time everyday.

Source: OhGizmo

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