Lego Brick Earphones


If you’re worried more about the personality of your earphones as opposed to the quality, then these would be perfect.  At the price they’re set at, it’s highly unlikely that they’re top of the line.  However, you’ll still manage to get one more item that reminds you of your favorite toy as a kid.  You could match this up with the various other Lego themed items out there.

There were a set of earphones out there before that mimicked the Lego look, but they were styled a little different, plus they were only available in Japan.  These new headphones are available in the US and are far cheaper than the other set.  All around it’s a win win situation.  The earphones come in black, blue, green, pink and red.  You can purchase a set for $10 through Gadget4all.

Source: GeekAlerts