Auto-Lift Iron saves clothing and people from burns

by Ally


Ironing your clothing is one of those times when you absolutely do not want to get distracted.  If you do it likely means that you’re going to have to buy a new set of clothing after you manage to burn through your favorite shirt.  This Auto-Lift Clothing Iron is designed to help out the slightly flaky.  Sure it’ll cost a little more than a normal iron, but it’ll save you money since you won’t have as many clothes to replace.

It also makes the iron a lot more safe.  In order to make it lift you just let go and when you grab it it’ll lower onto the table.  Since it doesn’t stand on edge it’s a whole lot more stable, which is extremely beneficial if you have kids around.  I have the scars to prove that irons standing on end can cause some serious injuries.  These irons are currently available in Europe and there’s no word on when they’ll be reaching the US.  Currently they’re priced at $95.

Source:  Techeblog

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