Switcle turns off the outlet


We’ve all heard that we need to unplug our electronics entirely instead of just turning them off.  That way all of those small lights on your devices are completely off as well.  Of course even knowing that information, sometimes you just forget.  Then on top of it that means later on you have plugs lying on the floor to plug back into the wall.  Instead of that mess you could use one of these that makes it so that the outlet itself is turned off.

You do still have the issue of having to remember to turn off the outlet.  However, it’s one less issue for you to worry about.  The more convenient it is to be eco-friendly the more likely you are to do all of the right things.  These outlets were designed by Daun Yun and Junil Choi, so that does mean that it is still at the concept point.  Of course it would be a little obnoxious to have only one plug in on the switch.  However, if it were turned into a double switch it’d work out nicely.

Source: Yanko

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  1. Many of the outlets I have would have to have something moved to even get at them. The example shown is ideal but I’m not going to pull out chairs and desks every time I would want to use this.

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