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Motorola introduces MOTOROI in Korea


We all know that cellphones in South Korea are on the advanced side of things, and it comes as no surprise as technology in that country has grown by leaps and bounds ever since the government decided to industrialize the entire nation (at least on the southern end of things). Well, today marks a new milestone in their cellphone histroy as the first Android 2.0 smartphone has arrived in Korea, and it does not hail from Samsung or LG, but is known as the MOTOROI instead. Judging by the name of the handset itself, you can easily tell that this is an offering from Motorola, and the MOTOROI is supposed to offer multi-tasking capability, effortless pinch-and-zoom browsing which might just win some iPhone fans over, as well as the ability to handle audio and video playback with aplomb. More details on the Motorola MOTOROI right after the jump.


SK Telecom will be the official MOTOROI carrier, where the smartphone itself does not come up short in terms of features. After all, you get a lovely 3.7″ WVGA display at 480 x 854 resolution that would make Web surfing with the device a real treat, not to mention the ability of Androdi 2.0 that complements the overall user experience as it makes it a snap to view full page websites, videos, games or photos without having you to squint. Thanks to the clever use of Motorola’s touch user interface (UI) and a capacitive touch sensor, screen flipping and scrolling are done in a smooth manner, with five main displays enabling you to customize your MOTOROI with a range of widgets to provide a truly user-friendly experience.

The MOTOROI does resemble the Droid somewhat, but it does come with an added advantage of handwriting recognition mainly because of the target market it appears in. The camera also boasts an improvement in the form of an 8-megapixel shooter with Xenon flash as well as the ability to record in high definition (720p), making it the first handset of its kind in Korea. Apart from that, you will also be able to enjoy Terrestrial DMB with 24 TV and audio channels at your disposal without forking out a single cent more. The MOTOROI is equipped with 8GB of internal memory, although it does come with a microSDHC memory card slot that can handle another 32GB of space if you so desire. No word on pricing, but it will hit the Korean market from February onwards.

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Ricowhaz Says: January 20, 2010 at 12:17 am

Most of the article is quite good apart from the part about Korean phones being advanced. I have been here for 18months now and couldn’t wait for the iphone to arrive as the korean phones are so far behind any I have used in the UK for the last 5 years. The usability is terrible, features very limited and reliability is dodgy at best. The networks also charge stupid prices for monthly contracts and that is before data is even mentioned. The iphone has helped to introduce koreans to the concept of always on internet in your pocket and has forced the network to provide monthly packages getting close to resonable so another proper smartphone can only push this further and as Koreans see what they have been missing by using the very restricted Korean phones the market may slowly open up to outside companies.

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