The Motion Sensing LED Light

by Ally


There are times when it’d make life a lot easier if lights would just come on.  Be it because you usually have your hands full in that area or any other reason, it’d just be nice.  Now this little motion sensor won’t turn on all the lights in the room, but it will turn on a small light to help you find your way.  Plus it could be used as a security device, so you’ll know if someone is moving around where they shouldn’t.

This simple little light could even be used in other areas besides in your home.  It could also be grabbed for when you go camping if you need some small lights to keep you from tripping over anything.  On the light itself you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor.  You can also just shut off the light entirely.  It runs on 4 AAA batteries which aren’t actually included.  You can purchase it for $12.

Source: Gizmowatch

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