Ekomini Interactive Moneybox – play games with saved money

by Ally


Finding the motivation to save your money can sometimes be like pulling teeth.  There’s just so much more cool stuff to buy when you have the cash in hand.  That money just burns a hole in your pocket.  Well to help you or your kids learn to save that money there is this Ekomini Moneybox.  You save all of your money inside of it and it’ll let you use that hard earned cash inside of a game online.

To work it needs a bit of electricity and an internet connection.  That’ll allow for it to scan your coins and connect the amount with the social networking site (ekominiville.com).  Then within the game you’ll have some financial activities and games that include goal-setting, spending, sharing, investing, saving and other various tasks.  The website itself is actually free, all you have to do is pay for the bank.  You can purchase the moneybox for $45.14 through Ekomini.

Source: TechChee

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