Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors make it sound as if you were there live



Ultimate Ears clearly aims to live up to its name with the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors that boasts the first six-speaker design from the company, offering musicians a new kind of sound definition and clarity. Each unit is handcrafted just like a fine instrument to make sure it fits comfortably, where its design is capable of helping reduce ambient noise by 26 dBs. Of course, you need not be a performing artist to appreciate what the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro can do for you, as any serious audiophile would also want to check it out for their collection as well.

Just like fingerprints that are unique to just about everyone, the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors can also be customized to feature a proprietary six-speaker design which is capable of fitting half a dozen individually tuned drivers in each ear, capable of delivering audio sans distortion which are normally what artists look for whenever they are on a live stage performing. Regardless of how loud your gig is, while wearing the new Ultimate Ears monitors, you will be able to enjoy amazing instrument and vocal clarity in the mid range, extended sound reproduction of the high notes, as well as a powerful and visceral low end.

Not only that, Ultimate Ears’ latest monitors also merge four-way crossovers with acoustic and electrical tuning, patent-pending triple-sound channels as well as a new low-distortion cable which results in the Ultimate Ears sound signature. All sound channels will come with an acoustically tuned in-line filter which ensures the frequencies remain separate and balanced until they make their way to your ear naturally, and not within the monitors themselves. You would be pleased to know that the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors will play nice with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices. Each purchase will come in a rugged, personalized aluminum

roadie box that is up to the task when it comes to touring the country with your band. Interested? The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors can be picked up from next month onwards for $1,350.

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