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adidas-personal-trainerEveryone knows the name Adidas as this is a global sportswear leader who has a presence in just about every country. Well, what better way to shed off those pounds garnered during the holiday season feasting than burning it off with good ol’ exercise? Adidas aims to help you achieve your weight goals with their latest miCoach training platform that is capable of coaching you verbally while you are pounding the pavement in your pair of Adidas trainers. Basically, the miCoach is supposed to simplify the science of running while highlighting the importance of personalized coaching in order for you to achieve your personal weight goals in double quick time without taking any shortcuts like half-baked diets and weight-loss foods.

The new miCoach interactive training platform comprises of two different devices – the miCoach Pacer and the miCoach Zone. We’ll take a look at the miCoach Pacer first, where it is a small, lightweight device which is capable of delivering real-time audible coaching with a pair of headphones as you exercise, or it can also work in conjunction with your very own digital audio player. Whenever you run, the miCoach Pacer verbally coaches you via various cues including “speed up to green zone” or “slow down to blue zone” among others if you’re pulling a Speedy Gonzales at that moment. This verbal coaching makes sure you will remain within the targeted heart rate zone while making sure you are comfortable with your personal level and timing. As for the miCoach Zone, this easy-to-read color-coded LED display is located right on a wristband device, where it offers accurate, real-time information that makes it a snap to train at the right intensity when used in tandem with a heart rate monitor.

With both devices, you can free up your mind to think of other stuff since you no longer need to concentrate on how fast you’re going or whether you are running within your optimal heart rate zone. It practically does all the thinking on your behalf, knowing what your final goal is like and helping you accomplish it in the best and most optimal manner possible. From the website (, you will be able to create personalized training plans, set the appropriate goals and proactively monitor and manage your progress over time. Expect to fork out $139.99 for the complete miCoach Pacer system, while the Zone retails for $65.99.

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