Sleepsuit lets you take a snooze in a cocoon, anywhere

sleepsuit-thumb-550x413-32122If you entered your apartment, and you saw this at the bottom of your stairs, what would you think? If it were me, I would probably think: “Are they making another of those Mummy movies?” I’m sure I would ignore this cocooned individual and softly tread up the stairs, which is exactly what the person in the sleepsuit wants you to do.

Yes, the sleepsuit is made of connected rings of EVA foam to give the user the feeling of being swaddled in their beds, even when out on the road. Apparently, this foam is quite compacted, and reminds me of those red hearts made of crepe paper that can fold up on Valentine’s day cards.

Anyway, this “transportable and adjustable cocoon” is designed for portable sleep, and it has been tested in the four basic positions: face up, face down, fetal position, and passed out at the desk.

I honestly cannot see anyone putting on one of these outfits so they can take a siesta somewhere. I would be afraid that people would think that I was homeless. The Sleepsuit also sort of looks dangerous, doesn’t it? However, there is constant airflow going through here, so you won’t suffocate.

I’m afraid that I can’t do anything with designer Forrest Jessee’s concept sleepsuit, except write it off as “silly”. However, you never know what will catch on, and this sleepsuit could work in a college atmosphere, where students are sleeping all the time.


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  1. Oh I don’t know about silly. All it takes is a few thousand confident people, some positive media coverage and the next thing you know, you could have a sensation!

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