Digital Concept Compass


I have had the debate many times as to whether or not GPS units are actually a good thing.  A world full of people with zero directional skills thanks to them always relying on an electronic device could have a couple down sides to it.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that GPS is great in certain situations, but sometimes it’s great to go back to using more outdated techniques.  If you don’t want to look too old fashioned for not using your GPS, this compass would keep you looking hi-tech while still not babying you through your entire trip.

This compass is sort of a form of GPS, but its method of getting you home isn’t quite as detailed.  Instead you choose a location and it will point you in the general direction of your location of choice.  It uses a light to show the direction and goes from red to blue light just depending on how close you are to your destination.  It’s great for anyone that doesn’t want to read a map and doesn’t mind making several wrong turns.  Right now this is still a concept, so you’ll have to wait and see if it’ll actually ever make it to the general public.

Source: Ubergizmo