Sketch-Art LED Art Pad


sketch-art-ledTalk about bringing a modern update to Lite Brite, the 1960s tool that allowed you to come up with “artwork” that involved poking holes into a perforated box to form a pattern with a lightbulb within that shows off your final effort. Fast forward four decades and you have the Sketch-Art LED Art Pad.

The Sketch-Art LED Art Pad is made of silicon-based, self-healing rubber. Stick the LEDs into the pad, where they connect to the magic board and light up! Design with eight colors of LEDs and the special Artwire, an electroluminescent wire that lights up the edges of your artwork. The best part is that the Sketch can travel anywhere since it can be powered by batteries, USB, AC wall adapter, or car adapter. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy on long car trips or amuse the artistic adult in your life.

Well, it can be powered via USB or through your power outlet, and each $49.99 purchase comes with 100 LEDs of various colors, accompanied by Artwire, the electroluminescent wire which will light up the edges of your art creations. Time to get your hands dirty to come up with some geeky artwork, eh?

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